Perris Junior Leagues 3 and 4…..2016-2017

FIXTURES 2016-17
October                                  Selby “A” vs Six Towns “A”
Howard “B” vs Harefield
Malvern vs Abbey (Herts)
Meriden vs North Downs
November                              Harefield vs Selby “A”
Abbey (Herts) vs Six Towns “A”
North Downs vs Howard “B”
Meriden vs Malvern
December                             Selby “A” vs Abbey (Herts)
Harefield vs North Downs
Six Towns “A” vs Meriden
Howard “B” vs Malvern
January                                North Downs vs Selby “A”
Meriden vs Abbey (Herts)
Malvern vs Harefield
Howard “B” vs Six Towns “A”
February                              Selby “A” vs Meriden
North Downs vs Malvern
Abbey (Herts) vs Howard “B”
Harefield vs Six Towns “A”
March                                  Malvern vs Selby “A”
Howard “B” vs Meriden
Six Towns “A” vs North Downs
Harefield vs Abbey (Herts)
March                                 Selby “A” vs Howard “B”
Malvern vs Six Towns “A”
Meriden vs Harefield
North Downs vs Abbey (Herts)


FIXTURES 2016-17
October                             Burleigh “B” vs Selby “B”
Blandy Jenkins vs Overton Black Arrows
Six Towns “B” vs Deben “B”
Trackside vs Rayleigh Town “C”
November                      Overton Black Arrows vs Burleigh “B”
Deben “B” vs Selby “B”
Rayleigh Town “C” vs Blandy Jenkins
Trackside vs Six Towns “B”
December                      Burleigh “B” vs Deben “B”
Overton Black Arrows vs Rayleigh Town “C”
Selby “B” vs Trackside
Blandy Jenkins vs Six Towns “B”
January                        Rayleigh Town “C” vs Burleigh “B”
Trackside vs Deben “B”
Six Towns “B” vs Overton Black Arrows
Blandy Jenkins vs Selby “B”
February                      Burleigh “B” vs Trackside
Rayleigh Town “C” vs Six Towns “B”
Deben “B” vs Blandy Jenkins
Overton Black Arrows vs Selby “B”
March                         Six Towns “B” vs Burleigh “B”
Blandy Jenkins vs Trackside
Selby “B” vs Rayleigh Town “C”
Overton Black Arrows vs Deben “B”
March                         Burleigh “B” vs Blandy Jenkins
Six Towns “B” vs Selby “B”
Trackside vs Overton Black

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