Club Championships

Every year in July, we hold our Annual Club Championships. 

This year compound, recurve and barebow archers of all ages and abilities came together to shoot a 144-arrow. Archers shot distances they were comfortable with – the furthest being 80 yards the shortest at 30 yards. The named rounds were the Hereford and Bristol 60.

The strong winds on the day didn’t deter and, after an epic six hours of taming the swirling gusts, the winners emerged victorious.

Well done to all archers for an excellent day of shooting.



Recurve Champion: Matthew Likely

Barebow Champion: Steve Winfield

Compound Champion: Yessin Meggaro

Best Gold: Yessin Meggaro

Worse White: Matthew Likely


Recurve Champion: Elizabeth Hill

Barebow Champion: Yvonne Stead

Best Gold: Elizabeth Hill


Girl Recurve Champion: Bella Arrand

Boy Compound Champion: Neil Stamp

Best Junior Gold: Bella Arrand

Jack & Jill Award – Anita & Mark Kerry

Sandhill Ln, Selby YO8 4JP