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Hi All

I hope you are enjoying your shooting and plan to stay with the sport. As part of the beginners package I’m currently offering trips to various archery shops to look at bows and equipment and get advice on what you need to progress in the next few years. I’m running a trip to Merlin Archery ( on the 11th March as they have the biggest shop and have given very good service in the past.

Unfortunately I will not be able to take you but I’m quite happy to meet you there to introduce you to staff and help with any questions. I can also help to curb the spending by indicating what you will need now and what can be left until later.

A recommended time of arrival is 9am at the latest as I can then get you in the queue. Obviously this is a long way to go from the Selby area but I feel you will have a productive day and even if you don’t buy on the day it will allow you to formulate ideas and budget for later.

If you are looking to buy or are interested in the trip please let me know as soon as possible so I can let the shop know how many people to expect.


Pete Bargewell
Captain Selby archery club

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