B&G 4, Richard Wild Memorial – PLEASE READ

Black and Gold 4, Richard Wild Memorial

Sunday 23rd July 2017 –  9.30am Briefing

Long National and National rounds: 4 Dozen @ 80Yds,  2 Dozen @ 60Yds. We have a limited number of Long National spaces (12). Please sign up for these in advance.

Compound shooters can only shoot the LONG NATIONAL and MUST sign up in advance or they will not be able to shoot.

Remainder of senior shooters will shoot a National or a Short National round dependant on classification and the field captains discretion.

Juniors will be allocated an appropriate National round by age group.

Results for all rounds will be compared on Handicap and points awarded for all rounds shot.

The Richard Wild trophy will be awarded to the highest scoring archer shooting a LONG NATIONAL or a National round again calculated on Handicap.

Please note GNAS Dress code and rules on smoking will apply

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