Junior Shoot….January 2018. Happy New Year!

The shoot was again well attended by 10 Junior archers

A Portsmouth round was shot and a Perris score was taken half way.

It was lovely to see Ruby shooting her own bow for the first time and Robyn Sunman (from the last beginner course) shot her first round, shooting very well for her first time!

A fun shoot followed……Shooting the rainbow!

Top Banana….Charlotte Fildes

Second……Malachi Clarke

Third…….Noah Rice

Best Gold……Amy Lowe

Impressive boy……Malachi Clarke

Impressive girl…..Robyn Sunman

In the Perris league, The A team won again and are placed 2nd in Division 2

Unfortunately, the B team lost, but they are shooting against 16 – 18  year olds! However, they are not last and are placed 6th out of 7.

It is pleasing to note, that 7 Juniors have now applied for the Yorkshire Indoor Championships: Amy Lowe, Noah Rice, Grace Rice, Ruby Rice, Sam Fildes, Emma Fildes and Charlotte Fildes. The Junior section of the club will be well represented.

Well done everybody!

Nev Lewis (Junior Officer)

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