Suspension of ALL shooting with immediate effect

Dear Member

You will have received an email with advice from Archery GB regarding Covid-19 stating that members should follow Government advice re travel and “social distancing” and that shooting should stop. As Selby is a unique club in terms of facilities further guidance was sought from Archery GB on shooting and insurance while shooting.  A reply has now been received.

In their reply Archery GB clearly state ALL archery should stop.  They have quoted their insurers as saying that insurance cover would depend on any incident and the actions of the club but is not certain.

There are no circumstances where the club can operate without the certainty of insurance cover and the Committee has no alternative but to suspend all shooting with immediate effect.

The code for the combination lock on the clubhouse door has been changed.

The Committee hope that this suspension will not be for long but it will last until Archery GB guidance changes.

As the suspension is of an indeterminate length the fridge will be cleared out and the lights switched off (they were left on earlier this week).

In the current circumstances I hope that you fully understand and support the suspension of shooting. In the face of the Coronavirus epidemic the lack of insurance might seem a strange reason why shooting has to stop but you should note that this gives certainty to the situation whereas it could be argued that everything else is only advice.

Please do not go to the club until further notice.

Take care of yourselves.

Len Dunn
Selby Archery Club

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  • Tom lamborn says:

    I was wondering if the club had opened yet and if so are you taking bookings for the beginners course



  • Nev Lewis says:

    Sadly the club is closed due to the pandemic.
    We are not sure when things will get back to normal.
    Please get in touch at a later date.
    Stay safe

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