Calling all Juniors! Design our new team shirt!

Here’s your chance to show your designer skills.

We are looking for a new design for our club team and we thought you might like to nave a go at designing ours.

There are no prizes, but the thought that your design might be worn by everybody!

There are a few examples for you to look at below and a blank one for you to print out and work on.

A few pointers for you:

  • We will still have our logo and names on the shirt as they are now.

  • Selby’s emblem carries 3 swans

  • The three swans were on the River Ouse.

  • Consider traditional colours like green and white, as well as other colours.

  • What would you have on the back….our name? A Yorkshire rose? Arrow? Something else? The imagination can run riot!

  • Closing date for designs is Sunday, 8th July. (Junior shoot)

  • You can hand your design in to me at any time.

Have a go!


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